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SmartBank is Santander’s student mobile banking app. Created in partnership with Santander Universities, it gives you simple, useful breakdowns of where every penny goes, so it’s easy to keep track of your money and make it last. With SmartBank, you can:
- Instantly see your week’s spending and how much you have left
- See at a glance what’s happened on your account over the last 7 days
- Get a snapshot of what’s been going in and out of your account
- Make discoveries about your spending habits, like where you use your card the most
- Check last month’s standing orders and direct debits so you can plan ahead
You can also use SmartBank to keep on top of your credit card and do your everyday banking, like transferring money and checking statements.
To access all of the app’s features, you’ll need a current account or credit card. You’ll also need to have registered for Online Banking and have logged-on at least once.